A trainer for 8x years, I hold a B.S. in Kinesiology from my alma mater, Iowa State University.


I believe the mind/body relationship is inseparable and mastering the dynamics between the two is the key towards self-actualization. I train both the mind and body of my clients, helping to make sure they are engaged with the appropriate exercise and nutrition programs to reach their goals. We utilize whatever style of training is needed to get there. 


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It all started when...

I was overweight as a youth, took stock of my life at age 12, and committed myself to the pursuit of living a fuller life through fitness and nutrition. Fast forward to high school... I graduated having been a 2x state cross-country champion runner, albeit developing disordered eating patterns along the way that had my 6-foot frame as low as 120lbs at one point.

2006-2010... Approaching college, I decided to commit myself towards helping others with their fitness/wellness interventions. First, running collegiately at a D3 school in Nebraska until I saw the writing on the wall through repeated breakdowns of my body during training. I refocused and decided I wanted a better opportunity to develop the skills I would need to help transform other people into the best versions of themselves they could be. This decision had me transfer colleges to my alma mater, Iowa State University (my home state). At ISU I was very active with on-campus clubs dealing with fitness, wellness, mental health mentoring, and stress-management instruction (part of which helped me overcome my disordered eating and body image issues). In addition to completing my coursework, personal training, teaching group fitness, and helping develop the personal training staff, I eventually graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I did not sleep much, and in the process developed issues with drugs and alcohol.  

2010-2013... Fast forward yet again, to  when I first touched down in San Francisco, a huge deal for me as I am from a small town of 1,000 people in Iowa. The very next morning after landing, I began 3x years of personal training at the west coast flagship gym of Crunch Fitness, downtown in the Financial District on New Montgomery. It was here where I was ultimately able to find my stride and begin to establish mastery of various skill sets and styles of training. It took me a bit, but I was able to win my years-long battle with disordered eating and drugs/alcohol through persistence and locating the sources behind my addictive tendencies. I quickly rose to the top of training staff in the country for Crunch, eventually helping out with staff development for my final 2 years of residency there, doing my part to help ensure a safe club environment for all members and clients through hands-on mentorship with the other trainers.

It was during these first years in San Francisco that I transitioned my volunteer hours from assisting The Red Cross (my main volunteer recipient in college) to helping coach and continue developing the American Heart Association's half marathon training program. I am fortunate to have been able to coach 8x seasons and many people reach their goals, while also helping hone the technical skills of the 30+ volunteer coaches in the Bay Area. 

2013-2016... Ahhh, my first attempt at building my own business, with my own training staff to train clients onsite through various locations throughout the city. Lots of people were trained, both clients and trainers, even more was learned on my part. With a staff of 10x trainers at one point, I ultimately was drifting further and further away from my passion of training others, and closer towards managing operations of a business. I could do it, I made more money, but the goose wasn't worth the getting so to speak.I was training at 50% to be able to make sure the business was running, but I missed the direct impact of a full schedule teaching others how to be their best selves. I eventually helped all trainers transition on their own in a classy fashion and decided I was happiest training solo with my own clients. Back to it... 

2016-present... Woowee, made it this far? Pat yourself on the back, this is more than most people would've made it in the reading. Where am I now? Doing what I love. Helping people like you, who are searching for the next means of leveling themselves up. If you're reading this, you know there is a better version inside yourself just waiting to reveal itself. We are creatures designed to grow, I am here to help teach you how to grow more fully and quickly through exercise, nutrition, science, and habit-building. Each person's body is their own, and so is their mind. It's the mind/body relationship that makes up who you are. There are styles and techniques that are going to help make your life easier, even if it means you're getting sweaty or dirty in the process (this is what showers are for!). I can help guide you through your own process. 

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