A quick catch-up!

Hello everybody! 

Summer 2017... Woooo weeee, still in progress! August is quite the month, I hope each and everyone of you who is reading this is making the most of the season, however you all choose to spend your time. Be sure to take the extra effort for yourself and loved ones to do something memorable, whether it be off far and away or keeping it local, make it count! 

First blog post on my website here, it certainly has been awhile.  This posting is intended to be a catchall, getting everybody up to speed with who it is here that is writing these posts. My name is Chris Moen, I will be your fitness tour guide here for as long as you are on this website. It's my pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance! (insert obligatory personal trainer fist bump here). Please feel free to get to know more of the background story in my BIO

"So what is there to catch up to speed on?"

Well... The last time I engaged with enhancing my virtual footprint (such as this website and bog post) was over a year ago, quite a bit has happened in the meantime! Where I once was training my own clients in addition to managing trainers for my company Moen Fitness, I know am just operating everything solo now. Why you may ask? I loved managing trainers and helping spread sound exercise programming & techniques this way, however, I found that I was missing training clients directly. I still mentor trainers, just no longer manage them and actively set them up with clients.

Now, back 100% with just training my clients for a little over a year, I am much happier and am even more invested with progressing my professional skills. I'm a firm believer in continued new beginnings.

"New beginnings? What does that mean? Is this some sort of hipster jargon I don't understand?" 

Continued new beginnings = the ability to continually redefine yourself. We are all unique individuals that are constantly growing. We have the ability to reinvent ourselves. To an extent. 

As we grow, our goals are reached or we adapt our benchmark goals to reach our ultimate goals - whatever those may be. For instance... With the above example of me managing other personal trainers, I was happy, I just felt something was missing. With a complete and thorough evaluation of where I stood and what was important to me, along with consulting my trusted contacts in my social and professional network, I came to the conclusion that running a business built on others wasn't for me. At least this is the case for the point in time I came to this thought and now currently as I write. This may, and most likely will, change eventually as my goals continue to evolve. 

"Gosh you talk about goals a lot... If you talk about goals so much, what are your goals now?"

Great question! I have lots of goals, here are a few:: 

  1. Be the best Me I can be! To myself, family, friends, community, and acquaintances. 
  2. Provide the highest level of personal training I'm capable of and help others grow. 
  3. Assist others with transforming their lives through coaching better nutrition principles. 
  4. Challenge myself physically - tracking my main fitness goals of basketball and track. 
  5. Challenge myself mentally - through daily study, certifications and my hobbies.
  6. Write daily. Professional, personal, comedy, scripts and anything in between.
  7. Cook on the regular and flex my inner-chef. 
  8. Interact with the world around me, as I live in it. Pay compliments to people I see/meet.
 Get your feet wet with your own goal check-in! Write down what matters to you most so you have your priorities straight!  (now I can check off foot-model from my goals! haha)

Get your feet wet with your own goal check-in! Write down what matters to you most so you have your priorities straight! (now I can check off foot-model from my goals! haha)

These are some overhead guiding principles that help to give me direction with every decision I make. If a decision I make violates the above, it better be for good reason and I better be consulting others I trust to get their cross-sectional perspective. 

"My goodness, cross-sectional perspective? What does that mean?"

Cross-sectional perspective = another perspective, different from yours, that compliments your own perspective. Ultimately we are all better off with another set of eyes and ears on a situation, so long as we know how to filter the feedback given by one of our trusted contacts. Ultimately it is always us that makes the change, but we are fools if we don't reach out to others as needed to gain additional insight. In matters of finance, I'll speak to someone in finance. With auto-repair, I'll speak to a mechanic. With friends, I'll speak to friends. Trainers and sports medicine professionals for fitness. Get the picture? 

"Yeah, I think I get it. I guess I just need to practice myself, seeing others who are different than me as additional resources."

Well done, wise words! Principle of economics put into application. We're all good with somethings, great with others, and naturally not as great with certain skills/situations. It's an advantage to know your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, etc. When it comes down to it, our society expects a lot out of us and we are constantly inundated with examples of what we should be doing. America can be a very "go it alone" society, where we are expected to be the sole champion of our destiny and do everything ourselves. While that may work for some, it definitely is not the smartest strategy for all, most usually. 

"This is turning into quite the brick of text..."

I agree! Let's work on wrapping this one up quickly. Quick recap... It's still Summer, do your thing! New beginnings is a thing, always believe in a better tomorrow and that you can always right your ways. My self-guiding goals are outlined above for your use as an example, I encourage everyone reading to jot down their most important goals and put them somewhere easily visible/retrievable so you can pass every decision by them so you prioritize true to your self (bonus points if you talk to people about it!). Cross-sectional perspectives in the form of others' trusted opinions are invaluable, I use them all the time to help progress my various goals. 

"Wait, this single post can't be it, right? Are you going to leave us hanging for another year? 

Not planning to! I'm planning on submitting blog posts as I have time, and I have plans for many more to come! 

Cheers to YOUR continued new beginnings!