Services we offer for trainers:



IDEAL FOR: New Trainers looking for help filling their schedules and Veteran Trainers seeking to strengthen their business's remaining time slots with committed clients.  

This matchmaking service is finely tuned to maximize the value of your client/trainer relationship and also put money in your bank account at rates more competitive than the big-box gyms pay.  When trainers focus on their services, rather than searching for clients, everybody sees greater results. CONTACT US today if you're looking to change the life of your next perfect client. 


IDEAL FOR: Personal Trainers searching for fitness facilities to host their clientele base and locations to teach group classes. 

Fast-track yourself by tapping into our allied network. Whether you are a fitness industry veteran or a rising star trainer, if you’ve got what it takes, we’ll set you up with training facilities best for your fitness business needs. For those pursuing group classes, we'll assist in placing you with the appropriate fitness organizations to help you create the class you've been wanting to teach. CONTACT US today if you're passionate about helping others and looking to grow your job into a career. 


IDEAL FOR: For those professionals craving more from their current position and interested in evolving their job into the career they've been envisioning.  

Imagine the possibilities: travelling the world in the name of fitness tourism, getting in front of the camera as you become the next big fitness persona, fostering other trainers’ growth as a Fitness Manager, designing off-season sports programs as an Athletic Camp Director, or helping a company’s staff have fun getting fit as a Worksite Wellness Coordinator. Where big box gyms can't take you, we will. Whatever your vision, Moen Fitness will amplify your passion into the success you desire, we want to help you get there. CONTACT US today if you're committed towards securing your future in the way you define it. 


IDEAL FOR: Dedicated individuals wanting to place their foot in the door of the fitness industry or seeking to obtain the experience needed to establish themselves as the next star fitness professional. 


Whether its industry experience that's needed to move forward along your current career path or you desire to transition into fitness from another career field, we're looking for devoted individuals to help us help you.

We are currently searching for recent graduates and current students of exercise-science related programs, business professionals seeking a change of work environment and wanting to get into the fitness industry, or anyone with a drive towards helping others live happier/healthier lives and in need of some guidance towards greater levels of self-actualization from their work. CONTACT US today to transform your potential.